Kandy and Mobile Text Communications


Author: Chris Vitek

It is hard to believe, but it was 30 years ago that Hillebrand and Ghillebaert invented Short Message Service (SMS).  More commonly named “texting.”  The brilliance of their invention was that they used the dormant phases in the cellular signaling channels to transport these messages.  In other words, nothing had to change in the network in order to support it.  We are going through a similar process with Kandy (PaaS) by using technologies that do not change the underlying IP network to gain access to rich, real-time, text, data, audio and video communications.  Within Kandy we blend legacy technologies like SMS with advanced technologies like Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC).  The opportunity for creativity is not limited by call models that were invented a century ago. 

The opportunity Kandy is providing is to use text to replace traditional audio conversations within business processes.  As an example, using text interfaces to support pharmacy transactions.  These transactions are unique in the insurance business because they are the only insurance claim that clears in real-time.   So, if the pharmacy is sold-out of a given medication, then an entire series of audio telephone calls are made between physicians, pharmacies and pharmacy insurance benefits companies.  Each of these calls averaging more than 2 minutes and thirty seconds.  These calls are exceptions that have to be adjudicated by certified pharmacy technicians.  In some pharmacy benefits insurance companies, one-third of their support staff is fully employed to handle these exceptions.  The conversion of these calls to text messages would reduce the labor necessary to process exception by 80%. 

The key benefit that Kandy offers is the ability to support the interface on any smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC.  Further, Kandy also supports voice and video communications on any of these devices if a real-time call is necessary.  It is just a click away.  No shuffling for a phone, no need to negotiate an IVR, no listening to how important you call is, more time to support “over the counter” conversations with customers and with fewer mistakes made.

Text may be old, but the ability to integrate it into business processes across multiple devices is very new.  Kandy integrates the new with the old in ways that enable more rapid decisions that are more accurate and that take less time to handle.  If your company makes thousands of decisions a day that require communications, then you should contact us to discuss a business process evaluation.

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