Kandy and Meet With Video


Author: Chris Vitek

It was just after the Second World War that the publishers of Dick Tracy debuted the video watch.  In the 68 years since then the telecommunications industry has been enamored with the idea of switched, point-to-point video communications.  Now we have entered an age where this type of video communication has become an open-source commodity.  Further, the complexity is rapidly disappearing as Google, Mozilla, Opera and Ericsson have embedded the VP8 video codec in their browsers. 


Commercially, the video communications business has offered room-based systems, computer based systems and mobile device based systems.  As a sign of maturity of this marketplace the industry has now embraced open-source video communications solutions.  The Kandy Platform as a Service (PaaS) is exploiting this opportunity by offering video using Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) and traditional technologies.  And yes, it will work on the newest crop of smart watches. 


The Kandy platform extends video communications with multi-party capability.  Additionally, Kandy supports text, audio, screen sharing and file transfer capability to support a complete suite of communications tools in a browser interface.    

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