General: Which codecs does Kandy WebRTC Calling use?


Current WebRTC implementations use Opus (audio) and VP8 (video) codecs:

  • The Opus codec is used for audio and supports constant and variable bitrate encoding and requires 6–510 Kbit/s of bandwidth. The codec can switch seamlessly and adapt to variable bandwidth.
  • The VP8 codec used for video encoding also requires 100–2,000+ Kbit/s of bandwidth, and the bitrate depends on the quality of the streams:
    • 720p at 30 FPS: 1.0~2.0 Mbps
    • 360p at 30 FPS: 0.5~1.0 Mbps
    • 180p at 30 FPS: 0.1~0.5 Mbps

As a result, a single-party HD call can require up to 2.5+ Mbps of network bandwidth. Add a few more peers, and the quality must drop to account for the extra bandwidth and CPU, GPU, and memory processing requirements.

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